Take hold of the tools to generate innovation and knowledge

The Miranda de Ebro Technological Centre (CTME), one of the four towns in the Castilla y Leon region with a top level resource such as this, is a territorial reference and an indispensable factor of excellence, integrating a technical team with considerable solvency and experience in Research, Development and Innovation, serving the companies implemented in the town, offering fields of work such as:

  • Continuous work in R+D+i: research work in environmental sustainability, materials and innovation in products, processes and manufacturing technologies.
  • Technological and technical services: laboratories involved in the Environment, Metrology and Materials Testing (chemical and physical analyses, certifications, etc.).
  • Training for ISO Standard certifications.
  • Training services for companies.

Alongside this extraordinary entrepreneurial resource is the availability of land specifically for technological activity in the “Ircio Actividades” Technological Entrepreneurial Park, offering 53 different sized lots with possibilities top group together so that they adapt to any need. This Technological Entrepreneurial Park is one of the four in the Castilla y Leon region.