Reduce your tax liability to the maximum by implementing your activity

Miranda de Ebro has designed an ideal tax environment for entrepreneurial implementation, in the form of direct and real measures that cancel out or drastically reduce costs in direct taxation for the years required to enable companies to grow with guarantees, through subsidized taxation reaching legal maximums and total exemption.

The Miranda de Ebro Town Council has set up a tax plan (twoyearly seasonality) to promote the implementation of new economic activities, investment and to create employment with a preferential taxation based on incentives and subsidies for entrepreneurial activities, whose promotion and attraction are considered strategic for the town.

The most outstanding subsidies and exemptions are:

  • – 95% subsidy of the ICI (municipal tax applicable to building, installations and infrastructural work) for building industrial premises and works on the lot.
  • Exemption from payment of the Business Activity Licence.
  • 95% subsidy on Property Tax.
  • La exención del pago del IAE durante los dos primeros años y la reducción de la cuota los 3 siguientes al 50%. Y por creación de empleo o incremento de plantilla con contrato indefinido:
          Incremento plantilla contrato indefinido       Bonificación
     2%  9%
     > 2% hasta 5% 11%
     > 5% hasta 10% 15%
     > 10% 25%
     > 25% 40%
  • And there are further subsidies and exemptions, regarding Capital Gains and other lesser taxes on water, waste, drainage or vehicles.