Rely on the backing needed with the minimum risk

Local subsidies

  • Incubator: up to 20,000 euros, non-repayable, to cover 80% of arrangement costs and maintenance of loans for starting up entrepreneurial activity, occupation of spaces where entrepreneurial activities are to be developed, costs (both private and common), expenses arising from registering the activity, regarding social security quotas, costs arising from publicity and advertising, costs arising from prevention of risk in the work place management, and costs arising from contracting personnel, in order to subsidize salary costs (payrolls and social security chargeable to the company or for self-employed, regarding the job created).
  • Historic centre: up to 10,000 euros, non-repayable, to cover 80% of costs arising from carrying out works or reforms to open new trade premises or for modernizing the same, for enlarging or refurbishing and fitting out commercial premises.

Regional incentives

Basic, non-repayable subsidy of up to 10% for large companies, 20% for medium-sized companies and 30% for small companies.